Collection Contest Rules & Submission – Digital Nomad Apparel

Collection Contest Rules & Submission

Digital Nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs alike can submit unique designs through our Collection Contest to be featured on our apparel as a DNA Designer!

We are built on the idea that a global perspective makes for the best collaborations. Our collections are comprised of 3 unique designs from designers around the world. Every Collection Contest has a theme, and we choose 3 lucky graphics to be featured in each collection! Maybe one of them will be yours?!

As a DNA Designer, not only will you have your graphics featured on our website and our apparel, but we also feature you with your designs! By tagging every apparel item back to you with your DNA Designer Profile, we can show what city you design from and how others can discover your work!

Every submission requires 2 graphic designs that follow the monthly theme parameters. 


Current Contest Theme

Submissions due by by April 22, 2017

The theme for April is NATIONALITY. What inspires you about your favorite nationality? What's your favorite thing about that city or country? The language? Landmarks? Surroundings? 

Be creative, have fun, and we can't wait to see what you've come up with! 


Rules & Submission:

  • You’re only allowed to submit a total of 2 designs per person, per "Collection Contest"
  • You must follow the theme guidelines as stated above and on our website
  • Designs must be original pieces of work and not used previously for any other services or products
  • Submit a "DNA Designer Profile" bio. You are limited to a max number of 50 words (a little more than a Twitter post!) Be creative and describe yourself, and what you do, and the city you live in
  • Submit an appropriate headshot to be posted in your "DNA Designer Profile" (Pictures from the waist up, high resolution, and face towards the camera). If your image doesn’t follow these guidelines we will draw a cartoon and put that up instead!
  • Files must be submitted in .Ai format (Illustrator original file) AND .PNG format
  • Send all of the required materials to

By submitting to this contest you are agreeing to our terms of agreement.