Our Story – Digital Nomad Apparel

Our Story

Digital Nomad Apparel (DNA) was formed out of the desire for a different type of clothing company, and the yearning to become a digital nomad. DNA is a lifestyle apparel brand that embodies entrepreneurship, travel, creative freedom and living an active lifestyle!
There is a growing community of freelancers, innovators, and wanderlust’s from around the globe who work from wherever there is wifi. This lifestyle is that of a digital nomad; filled with adventure, lasting memories, and a lot of hard work. Digital Nomads are fueled by this intense hunger to live life on their own terms, exploring wherever their hearts are eager to go to, and working on what they are passionate about. This is the future of how we all can work! Because we have the choice to sit at a desk or pick up our laptop's and choose where we want our "desk" to be. DNA was created for this future.