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Hi, my name is Harry Cleary and I’m a 19-year-old personal trainer, entrepreneur and lifestyle YouTuber. I got into fitness simply to gain some muscle for sport as well as to look good just as most teenagers do. However, it quickly became an obsession and it has completely changed my life! It has enabled me to see a clear example of how hard work equates to results and ever since this point my work ethic, ambition and positivity has driven me to work everyday to reach my goals.
I started my online personal training company, Instinct Health & Fitness (IHF), with the goal of transforming as many lives as possible, across the world, by helping people to reach any goals they have in order to make them healthier and happier through offering completely personalised programs. In addition to IHF I started my own YouTube channel where I vlog my life with the aim of not only spreading fitness advice but also spreading happiness and positivity through (hopefully) entertaining as many people as I can. Finding time to fit in the gym with IHF, YouTube, a ‘normal job’ and my personal life is difficult but I love the challenge. This is why I was thrilled to create these workouts for you, the busy people, because I know the struggle, but trust me; it is all worth it in the end.